Be in Manti Motel haunted house


We will choose 7 actors to be in the Haunted house on October 24 2018.  You will be required to attend a quick meeting on October  (Wednesday) 6PM and will end no later than 7PM.  Your suggestions will be taken in to consideration.  You may wear a costume of your choice or choose from our many costumes!

You will be required to arrive at Manti Motel right after school for set up (Pizza Dinner will be provided) Haunted house will start at 6:30 and go until it ends. Ends no later than 9 PM.  You will also be required to come to the Manti Motel directly after school for tear down of the Haunted house.  We will do this quickly. This is a volunteer (for fun) position.  No money will be paid for this acting job! Auditions will be held related to this, only 7 people will be chosen.  If you are interested in this position please sign the paper work and plan to attend the meeting Wednesday October   6pm-7PM.  Questions can be addressed at 435-835-8533.  Applications need to be returned through the video door no later than October   2018, decisions will be made final October 20 2018 :  Your phone number___________________________

I agree to the above contract:  If I am chosen I will do as listed above, I will act responsibly and I will not do anything that will cause harm to anyone.  I understand the Haunted house depends on me and I will come.  I am aware I will be dismissed if I do not abide by all meetings, set ups, take downs and rules.

Name:_____________________________Parents Name__________________________________