Cream puff Diva is a cute and classy store that is Vintage and really reasonable, come pick a fun Bustier, Tutu, outfit, prom dress that are gently worn, or new,  and one of a kind!

We have Gifts, unique items, Jewels and fun things from the past that you won't see easily any where else!  Call 435-835-8533, or pick up a calendar on the door!  This calendar will have our hours from that month. You can also click on the Calender page of this website and it will list our hours that month.  Ask us through face book or the contact page, we can work out hours in a timely manner.

It is fun to browse through the store, licking an ice cream and day dreaming while looking at the cute displays!  Items can be purchased also online at E-bay, Manti Motel!