Movies at Manti motel DVD!  435-835-8533 

Hours :  Tue: 7-8, Wed: 6-7,        Fri: 6:30-8pm

Manti Motel rents DVD's !  we are open two to three times per week for this, please pick up a calender on the door, or click the calender on this web site! This will tell you the times we will be in,  or call 435-835-8533 and ask if rental is available that day! If I or my husband is in or around Manti we will be happy to work out additional hours for your pick up! Talk to me on facebook or Text 435-851-9817 my cell phone number,  we can put you on our group text list.  I am there frequently and when I am, I send a note to all that says! I am here!  feel free to come for Movies and Ice cream. We continue to get new DVD's and have a collection of 5000+ movies!