Scandinavian Days:  (Memorial Day)  Room rates : $65.00 with 7 day cancellation policy.  CC will be run 1 week prior to day of check in!

Rat Fink Reunion:  $65.00 room rate, 7 day cancellation policy.

Manti Pageant:   $85.00 room rates, cancellation must occur before June 1st. Room rates will increase after June 1st based on availability.  Reserve early to get the best rates!

Fair:   $65.00,   7 day cancellation 

Our location is prime, Located right across the street from Manti Temple.  The front grass by Room 1 is the Fair car show location.  Rat fink car parade go's right in front of the Ice cream parlor.  This is the place to be !  435-835-8533