Every October, Manti Motel becomes haunted!  The children of Manti get together and make a spook ally on the back lawn and vacated rooms at Manti Motel! This year, the event will occur on October 24  2018, it will begin at 6:30/Dusk PM and go until all the little spooky visitors are just too tired to be scared anymore! You will laugh, scream and have your fortune told, and at the very end you will get a mini cone of Manti Motel Ice cream!  Come and join the fun! This is free!

Any one interested in volunteering to help at the Haunted happenings should call 435-835-8533. We will take only what we need so there is a limit!

Applications: Can be picked up at Manti Motel, they are on the door.  An application will come out in the paper October 6th.