Best Car seat Cushions For the Masses

Recommend several summer cushions

Common summer car seat cushion materials are: ice silk, linen, Vicat, silk, buffalo, bamboo mat, wood, bamboo charcoal, etc., each material has different effects and feel. Let's pick a few paragraphs and talk about it in detail.

1, ice silk cushion
The most popular cushion in summer is of course the ice silk cushion, which is not only cheap but also cool, which can guarantee the comfort of PP. It has the essence of cotton and the quality of silk. Ice silk cushions also have good breathability, hygroscopicity and refreshing heat dissipation. They can be used for about 3 years under normal conditions.

2, linen cushion
The cushions made of linen can be used almost universally in the four seasons, and are also seen by many car owners. The linen cushion is made of natural flax fiber and has the characteristics of breathable, cool, heat-insulating, anti-static, environmentally friendly, and not easily contaminated with dust.

However, the real linen cushion is difficult to distinguish, which has led black-hearted merchants to use cotton pads to impersonate linen cushions to deceive consumers. Therefore, pay attention to some essentials when buying: Generally speaking, the linen cushion is heavier than the cotton seat cushion; the strength of the linen is better than the cotton thread, and the hand feels harder than the cotton thread; in addition, the linen cushion has a certain luster.

3, Vicat cushion
Vicat is a polymer material that belongs to the fiber. Vicat fiber is relatively dry and comfortable, and can quickly absorb sweat and moisture. Moreover, the Vicat seat cushion is relatively smooth and soft, and the groove formed by the fiber-specific structure can absorb moisture more quickly than other common fibers such as polyester fiber, and diffuse and discharge, thereby keeping dry and cool. However, the price is slightly more expensive.

4, bamboo mat or grass cushion
The bamboo mat or grass cushion is characterized by an affordable price. Traditional bamboo mats or grass cushions, especially bamboo mats, have the biggest advantage of being cool. Later, the bamboo mat or grass cushion workmanship has been improved, and many beautiful patterns have been carefully designed on the cushion. There are cartoon animals and landscapes. It is a good choice for the owner to purchase cool cushions. However, bamboo mats or grass cushions have a slightly shorter service life, generally no more than two years.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing a car seat cushion

1. Pay attention to the size when purchasing the seat cushion. The general type of cushions on the general market is mostly lacking in aesthetics, so it is very important to choose a special car.

2. The owner should pay attention to its friction when selecting the seat cushion. This is because most car owners will slide out of the seat cushion during emergency braking, which will affect normal driving, which is caused by insufficient friction of the seat cushion. In addition, if the seat cushion is not fixed, it will cause sliding, which will reduce the friction.

After reading the above recommended car seat cushions, I think everyone has a general understanding of the cushions. When choosing, everyone should be able to shop around and choose products with better reputation and better sales. Of course, it is best to choose a car seat for the car.


Longevity of the cat: How old is a cat?

Cats have a longevity more and more important but what is their average life expectancy? According to the studies, it is now 12 to 14 years old, although a cat can often go over the age of 15 when one takes good care of one's health and diet.

Does sex affect the life expectancy of the cat?

A cat lives on average 15 years, against 13 years for a male. All sexes,male of female cat the life expectancy of cats sterilized is greater than that of whole cats: 15 years instead of 11 years. A sterilized cat has an additional life expectancy of 6 months compared to an unsterilized cat: for a castrated male compared to a "whole" male, the difference is sharper (+ 1.8 years).

Do purebreds live shorter lives than others?

According to available data, Purebreed cats would live slightly shorter lives than cross cats. The life expectancy of purebred cats would be 12.5 years instead of 14 years in "all coming" cats. However, longevity varies greatly according to the breeds considered: the Burmese is the longest-lived breed cat (16.1 years), followed by the Burmese (14.3 years), the Siamese (14.2 years), the Persian (14.1 years), British Shorthair (11.8 years), Maine Coon (11 years), Ragdoll (10.1 years), Abyssinian (10 years) ...

What are the main causes of death for cats?

The analysis of cat mortality shows that there are two important mortality peaks: the first around the age of one and the second around the age of 16. The causes of death vary a lot depending on whether the cats are more or less 5 years old. - In cats who live less than 5 years old, almost half of the deaths are due to trauma, mainly because of accidents on public roads. - In cats over the age of 5, the most common causes of death are chronic kidney disease and cancer.

At what human age is the age of a cat?

Contrary to popular belief, multiplying by 7 the age of a cat to get his "human age" is only valid for a 5-6 year old adult cat. A 10-year-old cat would be closer to 60 in humans, a 15-year-old cat would be 76 years old and after 20 years, cats could be considered "centenarians"!

What is the maximum age that a cat can reach?

Cats who live more than 20 years are quite numerous but the record books mention more exceptional cases: some cats would have thus gladly passed the age of 30 years; According to the Guinness Book, in 2005, a cat died in Texas at the age of 38!